Waigaon turmeric is cultivated in the dark, alkaline soil of Wardha region in Maharashtra.Upon harvest, the rhizomes are boiled and then dried in shade before grounding. The farmers follow traditional, organic processes for farming and cultivation. Grown for generations by people of Waigaon, this turmeric is considered to be the best turmeric available. With a high curcumin value of more than 5% (curcumin of most turmeric available in the market is 1-2% at best), dark mustard yellow color with a distinct hue and fragrance, Waigaon got the coveted GI tag in 2016.

You should add turmeric to just about anthing you make. No, really. You can use in your everyday cooking, add a pinch to items you bake, a tiny amount in your bedtime milk for peaceful sleep or even in your favorite face mask! *Always* remember to have a fat source with turmeric like milk, ghee, pepper to make it bioavailable. It simply means that in absence of a fat source, the body cannot absorb all the goodness it offers.

Our Waigaon turmeric powder is packaged in a glass jar to prevent toxic chemicals leaching from plastic. This protects the nutrient value, taste and life of the spice inside. It also makes it easy for you to find the spice you need during everyday rush!

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