Sankeshwari chilli comes from small town called Sankeshwar near Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Known to elevate the heat quotient in Konkan foods, this lesser know chilli variant will spice up your food like nothing else! It is grown organically by farmers who are working on soil conservation. They do not have the means to go into expensive certifications to prove their ethical farming ways but are keen on doing what's right.

This amazing, fiery red chilli powder will add that extra zing you are looking in your favorite food. Use in your gravies, curries or any tempering and enjoy the wholesomeness that Sankeshwari chilli is!

Our Sankeshwari chilli powder is packaged in a glass jar to prevent toxic chemicals leaching from plastic. This protects the nutrient value, taste and life of the spice inside. It also makes it easy for you to find the spice you need during everyday rush!

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