Nutritonally rich, naturally grown and free from any adulterants, these ajwain seeds have an appetizing aroma and flavour. Our farmers take extraordinary efforts to grow them without any harmful pesticides or chemicals. A tiny amount is enough to enhance the flavour of food.

Ajwain seeds have a lingering and potent taste and lends a unique ,delicious flavour to any food that it is added to. Add it to cookie or your puri/paratha dough or in tempering of gravies. You can slightly toast it and add it to the end of cooking time in curries or stir fried veggies for a flavourful and crunchy bite.

Our ajwain seeds are packaged in a glass jar to prevent toxic chemicals leaching from plastic. This protects the nutrient value, taste and life of the spices inside. It also makes it easy for you to find the spice you need during everyday rush!

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