Made with traditional methods of boiling and rhythmic stirring of sugarcane juice in an iron wok on firewood, our melt in your mouth jaggery powder is a delight! Natural, plant based cleansers like okra powder are used to cleanse and coagulate. We do not use any artificial colors, chemicals or additives. Heirloom variety sugarcane is grown with regenerative farming practices and is used by our partner in making this jaggery for you. Its deeply rich flavour and natural deep brown color will make you keep coming back for more!

Apart from its traditional usage in sweets, puddings and kheer, you can use this for your everyday chai, milk, coffee or anything that you'd like to sweeten. Or just mix with little ghee and have it post meals for those sweet cravings!

Our jaggery powder is packed in paper bags. Please remove the jaggery and transfer it to a glass or steel container once you receive it for better shelf life.

Sugarcane Jaggery Powder

Rs. 139.00

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Madhu keswani

As such we are not experts in finding out how pure the product is. But yes I can say I am liking the taste and am psychology happy that I am using pure jaggery and I am sure i can trust local sparrow for that

Original jaggery

I use jaggery a lot and I love the taste of this jaggery. It is pure, tastes very nice.

So good!

I bought this jaggery to add to my baby's food. The natural color is very nice and the taste is very good too. I don't have to worry about any colors or sulphur or chemicals when giving this to my child.

Very nice!

I have replaced sugar with jaggery and I really like the taste of this jaggery in my tea. My wife tried making halwa with this and that also tasted good.