Premium graded, processed without stalk and grown in Malabar region of Kerela, these peppercorns range from 4mm to 6 mm in siz . Our black peppercorns are also curated from the most authentic source and claim the prestigious GI tag. The peppercons are allowed to ripen fully which allows them to grow in size and develop rich aroma. These are bold, have essential oils intact and are not treated with any oil for additional shine.

Also known as Black Gold, you can use whole peppercorns in pulaos and biryanis or powder the peppercons at home and use them over salads, fruits, in gravies and curries for that hint of spice and distinct flavour. You can also add this to the chai masala or milk when your throat needs some love and care.

Our peppercorns are packaged in a glass jar to prevent toxic chemicals leaching from plastic. This protects the nutrient value, taste and life of the spices inside. It also makes it easy for you to find the spice you need during everyday rush!

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I love this pepper guys! I specially like making pepper chicken with this and the flavour is ufff! Always maintain this quality!

It's the best

This is the best pepper I have tried so far. I will need a refill soon.

Vaishali - Jaipur

I used fresh pepper everytime I need to use it and this pepper is the best i have tasted so far. The aroma and flavour is spot on and so refreshing. Love it!