From Farm to Table: The Journey of Local Sparrow Waigaon Turmeric Powder

Waigaon Turmeric Powder - Best Turmeric Variety Of India

In the good old days, spices were used as currency and how amazing it is that our ancestors considered food and specifically spices so valuable that they could be traded as currency!

Waigaon turmeric powder can totally be considered to be worth its weight in gold for all the right reasons. Besides being an excellent condiment that can enhance the flavour and colour of your culinary preparations, Waigaon turmeric has a number of health benefits to offer as well. 

Before talking about the Waigaon haldi powder benefits, let us undertake what sets this participant type of haldi apart from other varieties. 

Know About The Process Of Producing Waigaon Turmeric Powder

Waigaon in Maharashtra is also known as the Turmeric village of India because the turmeric grown here has a high curcumin content. 

The following process is followed for producing Local Sparrow’s Waigaon turmeric powder:

  • This particular kind of turmeric is grown in a village called Waigaon which falls in the Wardha village of Maharashtra. The soil in this region is dark and alkaline, which is ideal for growing the best quality turmeric. 
  • This soil is endowed with all the necessary nutrients that enhance the quality of the turmeric powder. 
  • The farmers use heirloom seeds that are cultivated using traditional and time-tested practices. The entire process is sans any toxic additives or pesticides that preserve the nutritional goodness of turmeric. 
  • After maturity of the turmeric rhizomes, they are carefully harvested, boiled and then finally sun dried before grounding them into a fine powder. 
  • Local Sparrow’s Waigaon turmeric powder has a deep mustard hue and a distinct aroma, which is indicative of its high curcumin content. 
Waigaon turmeric fields in Waigaon region near Wardha in maharashtra. Local Sparrow's waigaon turmeric is rich in curcumin.
Waigaon Turmeric powder from Local Sparrow

Benefits and Uses Of Waigaon Turmeric Powder

We have put together a list of some of the most notable waigaon turmeric benefits:

Immunity booster - One of the most notable haldi powder benefits is that it is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients. This can boost your immunity and embolden your body’s ability to ward off disease. 

Anti-inflammatory - Curcumin, which is one of the most essential components of Waigaon haldi powder, has natural anti-inflammatory properties that bode well for your overall health. 

Antiseptic - Turmeric has natural antiseptic properties. This spice has been revered for its healing properties since antiquity.

Reduces risk of heart disease - Regular consumption of Waigaon turmeric powder can help in managing the levels of certain kinds of cholesterol. This can help in keeping the risk of heart disease at bay.  

Helps in improving digestion - When we talk about haldi powder benefits, we have to talk about its ability to manage your digestive health and alleviate issues such as acid reflux, acidity, flatulence etc. 

Beneficial for skin - The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the Waigaon haldi powder can work like a dream on your skin when you use a pinch of it in face masks and face packs. 

Why You Should Choose Waigaon Turmeric Powder Over Regular Turmeric Powder?

There are a number of compelling reasons that make Waigaon turmeric powder a preferred choice over regular varieties such as the fact that it contains MORE than 5 % curcumin as opposed to 1 or 2 % curcumin in normal varieties. Furthermore, our turmeric powder is grown using traditional expertise and hence it embodies the charm of our farming heritage that doesn’t rely on toxic additives for augmented quality. 

Incorporate Waigaon Turmeric Powder In Your Daily Routine

To make the most of the benefits of Waigaon turmeric, you can use it in anything. Add a pinch of it to your culinary preparations and enjoy its outstanding benefits. It is advisable to always consume Waigaon turmeric with a fatty source such as milk, ghee, etc. It augments the absorption of the outstanding haldi powder benefits by your body. You could also use it for skincare or small cuts and bruises. Add a pinch of it to your homemade face mask to enjoy a radiant glow!  

Cup of turmeric milk made with Waigaon Turmeric powder from Local Sparrow with a pinch of Malabar black Pepper also from Local Sparrow

Get 100% Authentic Waigaon Turmeric Powder From Local Sparrow

The idea of bringing back authentic flavours and ingredients to your kitchen forms the heart and soul of Local Sparrow. In addition to Waigaon turmeric powder, you can also get your hands on the best kitchen ingredients like natural sweeteners, ground spices, whole spices, cold-pressed oils and sprouted millet flakes

Frequently Asked Questions On Waigaon Turmeric Powder

What are the major uses of turmeric powder?

The most common turmeric powder uses are in culinary preparations, DIY face masks and even antiseptic purposes.

What is special about Waigaon turmeric powder?

The Waigaon turmeric powder from Local Sparrow is grown using organic farming methods by their partner farms in Waigaon which is located in the Wardha region of Maharashtra. 

How much curcumin content is present in waigaon turmeric powder?

The Waigaon turmeric powder contains more than 5% curcumin.

Is turmeric powder an antibiotic?

Curcumin in turmeric has antibacterial properties. Having said that, it is important to note that turmeric powder is not a substitute for antibiotics. You must always consult your healthcare provider in case you feel the need to take antibiotics. 

Does consuming turmeric powder improve gut bacteria?

You must consume a well-balanced diet to take care of your gut and overall health. However, turmeric powder has anti-inflammatory benefits and it can be helpful in healing your gut health. 

How much turmeric powder is safe to consume in one day?

One can consume 1-3 grams of Waigaon turmeric powder in a day. Each person has a different threshold for handling varying quantities of turmeric per day.

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